Monday, November 29, 2010

You go, chickies!

Well, well, well!  Yesterday I got three pullet eggs - small, but decent sized.  So my pullets, born on June 1, are coming through.  All white eggs, so it is the Campines.  They are my little darlings, although it is nice to have a chicken that will let you pick it up without screaming!  The Buckeyes are definitely friendlier.  But still no brown eggs, so they are not laying yet.

Several of my chickens are molting.  This is NOT the time of year for such things to happen, but this crazy weather has them confused, I think.  It was near 60º again today.  Nice to be able to turn on the watering system for the cows instead of dragging the hose out.

I am just so glad to have my own eggs again.  I was reduced to buying from others for a couple of weeks, but now I can have my own, with those dark yolks.  The ones I got from Leifschon are just as good as mine, plus they are entertaining, since they are from "Easter Egg" chickens, and come in several different colors.  Leifschon's chickens haven't quit laying, but she told me they have a heat lamp in their coop, and we are wondering if that has affected them.  I didn't see an egg for nearly three weeks.  I got some eggs from an Amish farmer, too, but was a little disappointed.  They are free range - I see them running around with my own eyes - but they don't have such dark yolks as mine and Leifschon's do.  Also, the yolks are very small in proportion to the whites.  Those Campines - small eggs, but BIG yolks (my favorite part).

Well, it is good to know that they are finally earning their keep, especially since I am going to have to get chicken feed again next week.

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