Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shareholder's suggestion

The new cow wasn't giving much milk, after losing her calf.  I had expected to see copious amounts, but obviously she was not letting down her milk.

Karen, one of our shareholders, mother of seven and member of the La Leche League, suggested that we put her with another calf.  She asked if we had one that might nurse.  I hadn't even thought of that!  Yes, as a matter of fact, we had just weaned Romeo, our bull calf.  He and the three spring heifers were now in the maternity pen, and so I put Skipper Princess in there with all of them.  Lo and behold!  Not Romeo, but Sweetie Pie, one of the seven month old heifer calves, immediately latched on, while Skipper stood there contentedly.

The next morning, I took Skipper back out of the pen.  She was much calmer, I noticed.  She went back with the milk cows, and has milked steadily better the past few nights.  Last night she was full enough that she leaked a bit while waiting to go into the barn.

Talking about issues and listening to suggestions is a very good way to learn new things.  Thank you, Karen, for a great suggestion!  We are all benefiting from it, especially Skipper.

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