Sunday, November 21, 2010

Crazy weather is affecting my chickens!

My chickens are molting again.  I haven't had an egg in nearly two weeks, then this afternoon, there was an egg - from the Campines.  As new layers, they were laying last November.  The weather and short days didn't bother them - I got a few eggs every day.  But this November, neither the old layers nor this year's layers have been giving me any eggs, until today, that is.

They should be all done molting, but this heat wave has them confused.  Roosters are not usually active at this time of year.  Yesterday, I saw Roscoe mounting a hen.  We have had some really weird weather in the past couple of years.  I wonder what this winter holds for us.  I hope it doesn't hold chicks hatching at this time of year.  They will be doomed!

It is supposed to be in the 60s the early part of the week, then plunging temperatures.  I must remember to get all of my hoses in during the nice weather on Monday and Tuesday.

My son and his family are coming here for Thanksgiving, and my friend Phyllis is joining us, barring lake effect snow.  For those who don't live on the east side of Lake Michigan, here is a little bit about lake effect snow.  It is quite beautiful - light, fluffy, sparkling, the stuff you see in the movies.  But it can be wicked, and it can be voluminous!  So I am hoping that the weather doesn't include snow on Thursday.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone.  Kate, my oldest granddaughter, is in her third year of medical school and is working for three weeks at a local hospital, so she and her dog Stanley are coming back up on Sunday night and will spend three weeks here at the farm.  Her sister Abby just got exciting news that she has been accepted at Indiana University for medical school next fall, so there will be a lot to talk about.  She is glad she has that behind her!

It is 5:23 and darkness is falling.  The chickens are probably already starting to roost, but there is no sense in going out there yet, because the crazy Campines will come flying back outside again if there is a little daylight evident!  The others will all be hunkered down for the night, I'm sure.  So I'll give them a half hour, then head out to button them up for the night.  I will have to teach Kate how to do some chores around here!  And Abby is the real animal lover, especially chickens, so I'm sure I will get some help with them Thursday evening.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving now, since my guess is that I will not have time to sit down to write before the big day.  I hope you all spend the day with at least one person you love - and since that must include yourself, your covered!

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  1. Susan - you always make me smile. I love this post, the talk of the lake effect snow. I actually miss the thought of getting lake effect snow now and how wonderful about your granddaughters - they are accomplished just like their grandma and I am sure their parents.