Sunday, December 30, 2012

Slow Sunday on the farm

Clay takes care of the chickens - except on Sunday.  That is his day off.  It's my day off, too, except I have to take care of the chickens.

So my day started at sunup - really late at this time of year.  I opened up the Moop, cleaned out the worst of the poop and threw hay over the top of the rest.  The hay insulates the floor in the winter, so we let it build up.

Clay always fills both of the waterers so that I don't have to carry water.  My bad shoulder, you know.  I got out all of their feeders and filled them.  We chatted a bit - the chickens always have a lot to say - and then I went in and started some cottage cheese with some milk that someone ordered and then didn't pick up.  No problem - I'll have a couple of pints of cottage cheese by tomorrow night.  :) 

We had a pancake breakfast at church.  My contribution was butter.  What else?  A little shopping - I needed a couple of things for the boeuf bourguignon - and then home. I stopped at the barn to touch base with Steve on what we would need for building materials.  I'll get that tomorrow.  The pigs will arrive on Wednesday, and he is finishing up their pen and shed.

The Bears won.  Go Bears!  Unfortunately, Green Bay didn't, so the Bears don't get a wild card spot in the playoffs.  Maybe next year.

It was a good day.  My cough is much better.  Yup, boiled milk and ground black pepper - that is the ticket.  Who knew?

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