Friday, December 28, 2012

What else can go wrong?

I have had a cough for nearly a month now.  Doc finally did a chest x-ray, but my lungs are clear.  He said there is no sign of infection, either bacterial or viral.  So I am taking OTC meds, Musinex to loosen things up and Benadryl to dry things up.  I'm just plain tired from coughing and I wish it would go away!

My water heater went out the day before Christmas.  Fortunately, I have two, and the one for my bathroom was still working.  And my dishwasher heats the water, so I could use it.  I guess that could have been worse.  The repairman put a new thermostat in it the day after Christmas, and it is working - at least for now.

I am an insomniac.  In the night, I turn on my DVR and watch recorded episodes of The Good Wife or The Daily Show and set my timer for 30 minutes.  I fall right back asleep.  Last night my DVR died, for good.  New one is on the way, but in the meantime, whatever will I do?  I woke up about 2:30 a.m. and haven't been back to sleep since. 

My modem is working intermittently.  The repairman has been here at least six times in the last six months.   I have called technical help at CenturyLink, and they have checked it from there, insisting it is fine.  Sometimes my speed is as low as 0.13, but I am paying for 8!!!  Well, every time I call and complain, they give me a $30 credit on my bill, but I would rather have a modem that works.  Now it has taken to bumping me off the internet - probably at least once every minute or two.  Try placing an order with Amazon under these circumstances!!  The repairman is on his way with a new modem.  The technician at the phone company insisted (AGAIN) it wasn't the modem, but the repairman said he is going to install it and see what happens.

What else can go wrong?  Am I tempting fate to even ask that question?  We will see.

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