Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Only a crazy cook would do this!

I have not been at Purple Porch for three weeks now.  I thought surely I would only miss one week, maybe two at the most.  I didn't count on a contractor who just simply couldn't meet a deadline.  We had a talk and ended it with "I quit / you're fired" pretty much spoken simultaneously.

I will not go into the details.  Suffice it to say that because I was living there (in the midst of the unfinished mess), I was able to observe the lack of responsiveness and poor quality work.  He did okay until it came to finishing - then not so good!

So I am living in a mess.  I can deal with it, but I couldn't find things, so there was no way I could bake for Purple Porch.  I decided to list products for tonight's delivery to force myself to dig through boxes in spite of the mess.  Yup, I found everything, although I had to use organic demerara sugar in my brownies instead of granulated.  Actually, they turned out pretty well!  Now the timer is nagging at me to get back to my whole wheat bread.  Found everything but the wheat berries - then suddenly remembered that I threw them in the freezer for lack of a better place for them as we were heading out the door.

Only a crazy person would make bread in this mess.  Here are two pictures - I was unloading boxes and given time constraints didn't have time to find a home for everything.  But I am making it work!  I hope my customers enjoy the bread!!

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