Friday, November 21, 2014

Things are moving along nicely.

My objective is to have every box opened by the time I hit the bed Sunday night.  I just might make it!  And if I don't, some of the things will have to wait.

Today I attacked the living room.  I do believe it was the worst, dusty, full of boxes, all of my stereo equipment just sitting there, and some overflow of things I'm not sure what to do with at this point.

Yesterday I finally picked out my closet system.  I thought it was a little pricey, but my daughter says no, not for that kind of closet.  She thought it sounded very reasonable. So I have rods for dresses, double rods for blouses and skirts, shelves for sweaters and shoes.  The guys spent most of the day on it.  They were very proud of their handiwork, and they should be, as they came up with some great suggestions.  I was able to return one system, and Joe picked up some boards for top shelves - a good place for hats and scarves.  I also got two cubes - 3 x 3.  One is put together and fits perfectly under the closet window, will hold nine pairs of shoes or whatever.  The other will be put together tomorrow to go against a wall in the living room - perfect for CDs and movies.

Now to get some type of shelving for the stereo, receiver, turntable (yup, I still have a stash of 33's) and all of the other sound system components.  My son will be disappointed if it isn't accessible on Thanksgiving Day.  We always play Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians singing Christmas carols after we are done with dessert. 

A few days ago, I despaired of getting it all done, but today it's looking better.  Here are some pics.  Still good, bad and ugly, but even the ugly bits aren't as ugly as they were a few days ago.

Boxes and papers awaiting pickup from the packing company

Cabinet installed on wall above the throne

Tomorrow morning I will start unpacking the wardrobe boxes - ALL FIVE OF THEM!

New closet installation - still empty but not for long.

All this room!  I love it!!!

I call this my Island of Peace - everything in order.  :)

This was solid boxes this morning.  Only two left to unpack.

China cabinet is full.  That is my great grandmother's Limoges china on the second shelf.

Pictures displayed on top of piano.  So nice to see them again!

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