Thursday, November 13, 2014

The good, the bad and the ugly . . .

I'm having trouble dealing with trying to work in the mess.  Still a lot of boxes to unpack and it is stuff that I really don't have a home for.  I am going to have to make a few more trips to Goodwill, and our church bazaar said they will welcome some of it - but not that damned TV!!  I am almost happy when I find something broken, because throwing it in the trash is easier than finding a place to put it.  I definitely downsized!

I have tried to make room for my soap operation, finally found a place last night to lay out my molds - it will work really well - then got together all of the equipment and supplies needed.  Lye has gone missing, but I have enough lye to make three quarters of a batch of soap, so that will be it. More lye ordered, might be here by Friday.

Soap molds ready to fill - GOOD, very good indeed!
 I spent a good bit of time cleaning and clearing.  It helps to have some organization here and there, even if it means carrying stuff to another place where I will have to deal with it later.  I don't have time to put everything in its final home.  Later.

Here are some pictures of the chaos I am living in, as well as some showing the progress I've been making.  My mood is surprisingly good.  My mantra now is, "This too shall pass."

A few weeks ago - fall colors, view of mansion across river - GOOD
My first selfie with big camera - organizing list for Purple Porch baking - GOOD
Can it be?  A clean counter, sparkling canisters - GOOD
This morning's snow - GOOD (and beautiful)

Bread dough ready to be cut and formed into six baguettes - GOOD

Grain mill ready to grind grain for whole wheat bread - GOOD
Soap room counter - at least it's visible, let's call this GOOD

What a mess - BAD, except for my little Ayn Chee

Soap room, still a long way to go - UGLY

One little island of sanity among boxes, tolerable but BAD

Living room, which I am tacking tonight.  UGLY, except for my precious Natasha Marie.

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