Sunday, June 26, 2016

Blog in three parts

Chapter 1:

I get so inspired watching Bobby Flay cook. Just finished pouring vinegar and spices over some thinly sliced shallot. Low carb bread just came out of the oven. I have some deli meat and cheese in the fridge. Off to church in a bit, then lunch on the deck. Nicely filled low carb bun, Swiss cheese and corned beef topped with pickled shallots, a goodly spread of real mayo on the bun. I may stop at the grocery store for cabbage and poblano peppers so I can have some slaw on the side.

Low carb buns - only 2 g carbs each, and taste pretty good!

Chapter 2:

The actions -- stopped at Martin's for cabbage and poblanos on my way home from church. No poblanos! How dare they? So another stop. Meijers on the by-pass has really good produce, and it was only a few blocks out of my way. Found them. Now I'm making my slaw. I may not eat on the deck - it's been raining on and off, and it's pretty steamy out there. We will see when it is time to eat.

Pickled shallots

Chapter 3:

Now to sit down and eat. I'm really hungry! By the time I was done with church, shopping in two different stores and then coming home and making everything, it was 2:00 pm before I sat down to eat. But it was worth the wait!

The finished product

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