Saturday, June 25, 2016

Cruising down the river - Part 2

Elena, Catherine and I spent some quality time on the river last week. It is such a joy. We followed our usual route - paddling upriver to the dam, checking out the osprey nest, looking for turtles and birds, and then drifting downriver back to my place. Lovely day!

This post has a lot of pictures so that you can share the journey. Enjoy.

Blue heron

Blue heron - I'm pretty happy with this pic!

Blue heron preening for the camera

Bridge on Capital

Bridge with spun sugar clouds overhead


Neighbor's frontage

Farmer Susie


Susie''s feet

Found only one turtle

Osprey nest is empty now

Next year, they will be back!

On the shore - Catherine

Getting ready to head out - Elena and Catherine

My mighty fishing kayak

Peace and calm

Spun sugar clouds

Fairy steps going off the river into the woods

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