Thursday, June 2, 2016

Now my deck will not fall off the side of the house

Hal, who does great work and is finishing up that which was left undone from when I moved here, discovered (why didn't the contractor who did this upgrade find it?) that a load bearing beam that holds up my deck was so punky and rotten that you could stick your finger into it. Not good! This was not a simple job and required shoring up the deck while they took out the old beam and put in a nice new one, with huge bolts to attach it to the house proper.

He has one more day of work, then they will move the tool shed back under the deck. Once he is done, Greg, who did my plumbing and wiring, will be here to install the outside light over my door from the walk-out basement into the yard to the river. (When he went to install the light, the bad beam was discovered.) It will be nice to have a light there. It's a bit creepy at night.

I have lived here almost two years, and all of this stuff - trimming windows, painting foundation, staining deck and keeping said deck from falling off the house - was long overdue. I think I suffered from work overload after leaving the farm, and I just didn't care about anything else once the inside of the house was done and I was comfortable inside. But I have become a woman possessed since deciding it was time to stop my neighbors from tisk-tisking the state of the outside of the house. And I have to admit, I am enjoying it too.

Who would have thought that painting the foundation could make such a difference in the overall appearance of the house? Joe power washed the house last fall, but it needed lots more, like power washing and painting the foundation. Between Greg, Hal and Joe, they are turning this house into a lovely home for me.

I am so happy here. This is my 18th home. Will it be the last? Can't imagine ever leaving this place. It has it all - the river flowing by, a kitchen to die for, a lovely dining room and deck for entertaining, and now street appearance that makes me very proud and my neighbors happy.

Old beam, or what's left of it

Hal found problem first contractor overlooked.
New beam installed and covered. Note painted foundation,

Hal surveying his work

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