Thursday, June 23, 2016

Deck is done, rain gage installed

Yesterday I bought a rain gage. On the farm, it was a big deal. Not so much here, even with the river going over its banks every now and then.

My objective this year (it's about time!) is to get the outside of the place done - finish up some structural things on exterior of house and clean up the yard and gardens. My deck is finally done, table moved back on, cooker cleaned up, tomatoes planted in pots. It's coming along!

We had quite a storm the other day, rain coming down in sheets against the windows. I realized I had no idea how much rain I had gotten when the storm was over. On the farm I kept copious records of rain, every rainfall recorded over nearly ten years. I kept a running total to record percentage difference in rainfall from year to year.

It was time to buy a rain gage! After finding an appropriate spot and searching all over for my drill so I could install it, I was ready for last night's rainfall. I got 1-5/8" here yesterday. And it is duly recorded in the new rain record sheet titled "Rainfall - Mishawaka."

I also invested in a new hedge trimmer, with a lithium battery. (I have cut through my last extension cord!) So yesterday the bushes were finally trimmed, and the front of the house looks much neater. I'll work on the yard down towards the river when the rain finally quits.  Lots of stuff around here needs a haircut!

Here are some pics of what is going on around here right now. The last pic shows my favorite tomatoes, Moldovan Green. They are grown from seeds from the farm. :)

Rain gage is on rail to left of lounge.
Bushes trimmed on front of house
Cooker is ready to go!

Table is back in service

Moldovan Green tomatoes - a little behind, but I'll have tomatoes soon!

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