Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My unusual foundation plantings

I don't get much full sun anywhere on this lot - except for the front of the house once the sun goes around the dogwood tree in my yard, and before it is blocked by my neighbors' hard maple next door. So it is my herb garden, and whatever else I find room for that needs a good bit of sun.

Like rhubarb. Yes, I have rhubarb next to my front door. It provided enough for one rhubarb strawberry pie, which I served at my Dinner on the Deck event a few weeks ago. I also planted tarragon (which died), English thyme, lemon thyme and oregano last year. All but the tarragon flourished.

This year I added a rosemary tree, which one of the contractors stepped on but I think will survive, and six lavender plants. (Contractors got two of those, hoping they will make it as well.) Now that the contractors are done working on the front of the house, I put in the rest of the plants that have been waiting for them to get out of here, starting with zinnias and the summer savory. Last year's dead tarragon plant got replaced with two new ones -- can't have too much tarragon. Or summer savory either. It tastes like oregano with elegance. And it behaves better, too. I edged the whole thing with my favorite easy care flower, bright red impatiens. A friend gave me a HUGE petunia plant, which I have sitting in the middle of the bed because it gets automatically watered every morning, so I don't have to worry about killing it. I plan to have her over for lunch frequently so she can take care of dead-heading it. Maureen, I'll be calling you! Are you ready for another lunch on the deck?

Oh, and I planted some organic potatoes. They make pretty plants and aren't too bad on the table either. Since I rarely eat potatoes (they are loaded with carbs), this 18" row of potatoes will provide a year's supply for me.

These pics are pretty pathetic, but I have to provide you with a baseline, right? They'll only get better from here on. I'll keep you posted.

Oregano is already taking over.  What's new?
Tarragon, rosemary, culinary lavender, lemon thyme and some posies.
Rhubarb really is pretty, isn't it? English thyme at its side.
Summer savory tucked in the corner. One of my favorite herbs.

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