Friday, April 16, 2010

The grand experiment

Still no geese.  And the female hasn't been sighted in over 24 hours.  Today Androo and I built a fence around an old trailer that sits beside my pond.  Then we put cracked corn in a bowl, threw some straw in one corner inside the trailer, got a big bucket of water and headed over to his house to pick up his three geese.

We brought them to the new pen and unloaded them.  They will be making goose noises, and our hope is that they will attract the two missing geese.

One thing we think happened is that we didn't get the pairs right when we split up the geese at my house on Monday night.  The geese ran in two different directions.  Had they been mates, they would have left together.  So my guess is that each of them is trying to find their true mate.  They will probably show up at Androo's tonight, while Androo's geese are now here at my house.

If the goose (the female) shows up but no gander (the male), then Androo will leave one of his ganders for her.  If the worst happens and nothing comes of this, then all three geese will go back to Androo's (and probably with wrong mate but hopefully they will get over it).  And when I buy a new pair in August, when Mattie says the next ones will be ready to leave home, at least I will have a proper pen.  So much for letting them run.  It just didn't work, not with all of the ponds and wetlands around here, and of course without the proper mate.

Many lessons learned.

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