Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's a boy!

Last night Quattro FINALLY had her calf!  She has been waddling for the past two weeks, and her udder was so full that we brought her in to the milking parlor and milked her out just to give her some relief.  We fed the milk to the two heifer calves, Blossom and Caramel, who were very grateful.  (They are such little piggies!)

Tonight we finally got Quattro and her calf up to the nursing pen.  No wheelbarrow to bring this little tyke up!  He came on his own, running part of the way.  He is sturdy and strong, and he is the spittin' image of his daddy, Sam.  Lyn, one of the milking crew, calls him Junior, and it has stuck.  Very appropriate name.

Junior will go to live with two others on our milking crew, Misty and Cameron.  He will have a good life there.  They are careful farmers and understand animal care.

Here is a pic of Junior.  Of course, Misty and Cameron will rename him, but Junior seems better than Hey You for the time being.

Isn't he adorable? 


  1. he is so cute!!! Man I wish I coud make it back to the farm to see all the animals and you before we leave for NC

  2. Wish you could too. You know the door is always open for you and family!!