Monday, April 19, 2010

New calf

The new calf is not suckling.  Mother is not sure what to do.  I should think this would be instinctual, but this is two heifers that have freshened, and neither one would let their calf nurse, both very concerned and loving mothers, but just not catching on to the nursing thing.

I hand fed the calf last night, got about a cup and a half of colostrum down her throat.  I also allowed the older calf to be in with them, in the hopes that the bigger calf would latch on and Mama would get the drift.  I'm about to head out this morning, just waiting for sunrise.

I'll check to see if the goose came back, too.  It is not looking good.  The food I put out for her is untouched.  The three geese that we penned up by the pond to lure her back home are so happy that they are not making much noise.  I deliberately annoyed them a couple of times to get them talking some goose talk. 

It troubles me that she is out there in the wild.  I hope she is all right.

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