Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A ten-egg day - sort of . . .

There are ten hens left in my flock, plus of course Buster the rooster.  I have been waiting for a day when 100% of the flock laid eggs.  Finally, yesterday, in the midst of all of the excitement about the new calf and a new pair of geese, there were ten eggs.

However, it wasn't quite like I expected.  These are weird hens - hens that lay eggs at my feet on the ground outside the Moop, for instance.  Read about that one here: Jewel laid at my feet.  So should I have been surprised by what happened yesterday? 

I could see the nest was really full (when I have 50 hens, will they all try to lay in the same nest?), and I excitedly counted them out - one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine - once again, so close but no cigar.

Then I turned to leave the Moop and saw that egg #10 did in fact get laid yesterday.  However, the hen was obviously perching when she did it.  One smashed egg directly below the perch.  Sigh . . .

But still, it was a 100% 10-egg day, wasn't it?

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