Friday, December 4, 2009

Jewel laid at my feet

The hens (I can call them hens now that they are laying) are a bit erratic in their laying habits.  I suspicion that they are still laying under a bush here and there, although I am now getting two or three eggs each day.  I always make sure to leave one in a nest to lure them back, although with the cold weather coming, I will have to quit that unless I want frozen eggs.

I thought it was time you saw the Moop.  Isn't it quaint?  The new gray tote to the left of the can with their laying mash is full of cracked corn.  I need to add flax meal to it to get the protein up.  I want to avoid soy, which is a bit of a trick once they are laying.

Here is a pic of their nests, and another of a nest with an egg.  It is the nest that I put extra hay in, just stuffed the excess in there and thought I would draw on it as I needed it for the other nests.  I didn't think a hen could get in there.  Yes, she can, and she does.  It is one of their favorite two nests. 

This morning, I let them out mid-morning and found three new eggs.  As I walked back out of the Moop, there on the ground was an egg.  I picked it up and it was still warm.  The ground where it lay was cold and bare.  Did she know I was picking up eggs and so would be sure to find it there?  Did she not want to go into the Moop and lay the egg while I was in it?  Very curious.  I have never seen this before.

It was a lovely sight, and so nice to cradle a warm, newly laid egg in my hand.  One of my hens laid a jewel at my feet.  :)


  1. I have never seen that EITHER! What an interesting puzzle to fall-asleep trying to solve. Great to finally see the Moop.

  2. I'm thinking that we should paint the Moop camouflage. It really is a bit of an eyesore. Didn't plan on having it in my backyard. It was supposed to be sitting in pastures.