Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday hassle - I'm behind!

No posts lately.  I am too, too busy!

Here are the highlights of recent farm happenings.

I lost a second chicken - this is two in two weeks.  No sign of illness, and the body that was found was not eaten, not even a nibble.  It might be that they both got egg-bound.  Happens with pullets sometimes, but two of them?  In my tiny little flock?  Sigh . . .

Egg production is pretty good.  Wednesday they laid six, yesterday only one, but back up to six again today.  BULLETIN!!  I just went out to button up the girls, and there were two more eggs!  Their first EIGHT EGG DAY!!  Pretty amazing, considering I only have 12 hens left and it is just 48 hours from the shortest day of the year!   

Milk production is fantastic.  All of the old shareholders are delighted - this is usually the time of year for slim pickin's.  The new shareholders are getting spoiled and will wonder what hit them in December of 2010 - unless I can pull off another coupe like the one that led to this great production!  I'll post more about how that is working out later.

Still two more presents to buy, but easy ones.  I'll not say what I still have to get in this post, just in case - by some miracle - my grandkids are reading my blog.  "A prophet is without honor in [her] own land."

My Norfolk pine is lit, Christmas music is playing and I'm finishing up 12 loaves of bread.  Life is good.


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