Sunday, December 13, 2009

Found the missing chicken

Last night the milker told me she found the missing chicken, dead, down by the hay.  It is puzzling.  Wasn't a wild animal, because her body would not still be there, untouched.  I have a lot of turkey vultures here, and they didn't take her either.  She was lying on the ground with her neck twisted in an odd way.   She went missing on Sunday, was found on Saturday.  Why didn't anyone see her sooner?  Was she out on her own for several days and eventually froze to death?

It is a mystery, and one that will likely never be solved.


  1. Unusual. I've never lost one quite like that. Very strange. I've never had a hen become "egg-bound", wonder if it could be something like that? I think egg-binding is most common in young hens...

  2. I hadn't heard of that. I suppose it could have happened. It is odd that none of the wild animals took her. I can count on the turkey vultures to clean up just about anything.

    It did enter my mind that the milker could have run over her when he was out there with the golf cart getting hay. He usually fed after dark. Sigh . . .

  3. Lost another today. She was lying in the hay on the floor of the Moop this morning, eventually got up and went outside, didn't come back tonight. She didn't appear sick. I suspicion being bound up with an egg, probably what happened to the last one as well.