Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The egg game

The girls gave me four eggs yesterday.  In the past few weeks, they have had a bad day following a four-egg day.  Today, I got another four eggs!  Wow!!  These girls are really cranking them out given the cold weather, and all of the WIND!  The weather is really nasty today.

It is ugly out there tonight, down to 21º.  The milker buttoned up the chickens because I was at Purple Porch delivering spices and freshly baked baguettes at sundown.  When I got home, I went out with some warm water for them and found that the door on the Moop was frozen shut.  I used half of the water to unfreeze the handle, then left the handle turned into the open position.  I'll get out there with the big extension cord and my hair dryer and do it right tomorrow morning.

Did I say I liked winter?


  1. At least you don't have to deal with polar bears!

  2. Are you in Alaska? Do you have chickens? Always interested in knowing a little about my readers. :)