Friday, December 11, 2009

To market, to market

I spent most of the day getting ready for market tomorrow.  I still have to wrap a few more holiday soap bars.  Soap is selling very well at the market.  These tough economic times may have something to do with it.  Give a gift, yes, but make it practical.  My soaps are pretty, and a good bargain considering how long they last, so what better gift?

My friends Tama and Rich came out late afternoon for our annual party.  They have cut their tree here for the past several years, and it has turned into a bit of a ritual.  Tama brings homemade cookies and I make eggnog.  The kids, Willow, Forrest and Autumn, have a great time.  It snowed just in time for their arrival.  The kids brought their sleds and had a blast before we hiked out into the fields to find a tree.  The trees are so big now that Rich just cut the top out of one.  Next spring, the whole family is coming out to plant new trees so that we have some of the appropriate size again.  I guess we should have thought of that a few years ago!

I saved gathering eggs until the kids got here, was hoping for three today so that each of the kids could take an egg out of the nest.  Would you believe, it was the girls' first FIVE EGG DAY!  Yay!!!  It is hard to believe that they are actually increasing what they lay in this brutal weather.

There are 11 loaves of bread in the basket, ready to take to market tomorrow.  I can't eat bread, really messes with my blood sugar and aggravates inflammation in my hip.  But I love to bake.  So until I'm sick of this, which will happen one of these days, or until I get too busy with the greenhouse and the garden, I will enjoy kneading, forming loaves and smelling the rich, yeasty scent of baking bread each Friday. 


  1. It's in the air with when it comes to our chickens I guess. You had a 5-egg day Friday. We had our first 9-egg day on Saturday. Glad the kids got the full-treatment. They'll always remember it. So maybe you do have a late-bloomer or two...

    Mid-December and we're both ever-so-slowly increasing production. We were at a holiday party last night and many of our neighbors were asking about our chickens since they can see them from the road. Kept telling them the story about other breeds I've had in the past that would abruptly shut-down production in early December (their first year) and pick back up sometime late in January. So we keep waiting and waiting for the egg-drought but it hasn't come. Meanwhile, we've got 5 dozen now in the frig so I keep thinking it may be time to begin selling some. Watch, first dozen I sell? They'll all stop laying the next day!

  2. I owe 1700 eggs to the people who helped with the Moop. It will be a long time until I am selling any - and at the rate I am losing them, I fear that day may NEVER come! Buckeyes next year?

  3. Famous deadpan line from the 1975 Movie Classic, "Jaws": Roy Scheider as Brody says to Quint (the boat captain), "You're gonna need a bigger boat".

    My adaptation of the line as it pertains to owing 1700 eggs on the Moop Mortgage: "You're gonna need more chickens."


  4. Planning on ordering some more Golden Campines and some Buckeyes this spring. :)