Friday, December 25, 2009


Last night we celebrated Christmas.  I decided to pass on my Christmas dishes to my two oldest granddaughters, Kate and Abby, who will be getting an apartment together next year.  I haven't had the dishes out in two or three years, and I wanted them to go to someone who would use them and cherish them - not the sort of thing to send to Goodwill.  But I was not sure how it would be received - used dishes - would they like them?  Kate, the oldest, is not a sentimental person.  She is in her second year of medical school and relishes giving us details of her latest endeavor in the operating room.  She is not the type who needs a tissue in her pocket when watching "It's a Wonderful Life."

When she saw the dishes, she asked me, "Grandma, do you really want to do this?  Give up these dishes?"  I said yes, but she just stared at them and said, "Are you SURE?"  When I assured her I wanted them to go to a good home where they would get used, she began to cry.  Kate, if you read this, I hope you do not feel embarrassed that I have shared it here.  You made my Christmas.  Knowing that you care, that you knew it was a gift of generosity and that I gave them to you because you are so special, listening to you and Abby talk about where the dishes would go in the new apartment, seeing the joy on both your faces - you made it my best Christmas ever.

May all your days be merry and bright.


  1. Now THAT is a Christmas story Susan! What a generous and thoughtful gift you gave AND a great one you received in return. Merry Christmas to you, the lucky granddaughters Kate, Abby and all the rest of your family.

  2. Beautiful, Susan! Looks like you were with your family on Christmas after all.

  3. Well, yes and no. For Christmas Eve, but then headed back home instead of going to Indy for Christmas Day, which was tradition until Palin. Sigh . . .