Monday, December 7, 2009

Say it isn't so . . .

And now there are 14.  One of the hens hasn't shown up for two days now.  I was hoping she would be running around the coop this morning, but alas, she wasn't.  Then I thought she might re-join the flock today and show up this evening.  No, she was not there.

I am sad.  They are such happy, sociable little things.  I hope her death was quick.


  1. Sorry to hear of another loss Susie. Been having a bit of the same here. Chickens are difficult to keep entirely safe!

  2. Yes, I am finding that out. I still regret that I didn't put them into the enclosure before I lost SEVEN of them to the hawks! My reaction time was far too slow!

    I'm really packing in the bedding now, to keep their digs insulated. I still have an opening for ventilation, but considering trimming that down to about an inch. That should be enough.