Sunday, April 11, 2010

More sad news . . .

We have been waiting anxiously for Lucky's calf.  We raised Lucky from a calf - she is out of Rosie - and were anticipating becoming "grandparents."

Saturday morning, as I was nearing Madison, WI to attend a raw milk symposium, I got a call from Androo.  He told me that Lucky had had her calf, but he feared it was dead.  The body was getting cold.  Even though I knew it was hopeless, I told him to try to clear the calf's throat, breathe into its mouth and call me back.

He did all three.  There was a blockage in the calf's throat, which he removed.  He covered the nostrils and tried to get some breath into it.  He called to tell me he was sure the calf was dead.  It was a very large bull calf.  Perhaps if one of us had been there as Lucky was having the calf we might have saved him, but it was not to be.  Androo buried him near the creek.

Rest in peace, little boy.

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