Friday, May 20, 2016

Cat, canine and concrete

Argh! Fred and Holly Berry got into it yesterday morning, right in the middle of the exposed dirt where the concrete is to be poured. Holly Berry disappeared for the whole day. Since she had begun to show up in the house proper every now and then, I actually thought the two had reached detente. But she stayed away all day. In the evening, she did show up to let me know she was still a member of the family, but she slept outside. I have no idea where she goes. For all I know, she has another family, blessing them with her company when she is fed up at my house.

This morning, she showed up in the kitchen. That's a first since Fred came to the household. I held her and petted her and she wasn't as nervous as she usually is when inside. Maybe, just maybe it is going to work out.

As for the concrete, first it didn't happen because the forms didn't get in place in time to get the truck out with the concrete on Wednesday. They were supposed to come the next morning. But two of the regular crew were sick and couldn't make it. All of this concrete has to be hauled down a pretty steep slope (a nine foot drop over 30 feet - think about it!) in wheelbarrows. So scratch that. Now delivery has been rescheduled for Monday  All of the damp dirt is sitting exposed, right outside the dog and cat automatic door. It's getting pretty messy inside the door on the basement floor.

Oh, well, hopefully no one else will get sick, schedules will be met, and I will have a concrete pad poured and curing by Monday afternoon. And only then will I have a grooming session scheduled for Tashi. I am NOT paying to have her groomed until her dirt bed is gone forever!

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