Monday, May 23, 2016

Concrete was poured today, now aging, just like me.

Well, I'm walking dogs because they can't go out their door, across the concrete, until tomorrow afternoon. Just what I need - more walking! The guys carried the lawnmower out of the basement to the yard, so I was able to mow. Walking behind a mower to do a half acre lawn is invigorating. I won't have to see my watch yelling at me because I wasn't active enough today!

The concrete looks great. What a difference it makes. Tashi's dirt bed is gone, and no more mud will be tracked into the basement. I'll have no excuse for a dirty basement floor anymore.

So here's the finished product, as well as a shot of all of the stuff that will have to be carried back to the space under the deck on Saturday.

Neatness counts

The guys did a great job.

All of this can be moved back under the deck Saturday.

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