Saturday, May 21, 2016

Usual Saturday morning . . .

Six baguettes are about ready to go in the oven. While waiting for bread to rise and bake, I'm scrambling to make up labels for and fill essential oil bottles for market. All the other printing got done last night, including our newly designed Ceres & Co. labels for our bags.

Ceres the Goddess - holding the dwarf planet Ceres

Hope we have a good day at market. Phyllis is coming in for Saturday help, and she is making popcorn. I'm making Mexican hot chocolate. Free samples today! People love our popcorn samples, and I'm hoping the scent of freshly popped corn will get people to my booth.  At this time of year, everyone is buying plants for their gardens. While I don't miss the loooooooooooong hours in the greenhouse (well, maybe a little), I do miss having people lined up at Ceres & Co.'s booth for their organic heirloom tomato plants. So today hopefully they will stop by for organic Mexican hot chocolate and Ladyfinger popcorn samples. Maybe I will see you at the Farmers Market today! We're at 1105 Northside Blvd., South Bend, IN


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