Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The project

This one will be short. I'm busy! I'm working in yard with the guys who are putting in the concrete pad under my deck.  Right now, it is a muddy mess, no matter what, and the dogs drag in lots of dirt.  Tashi has a dirt bed under the steps where she loves to lie. Sorry, Tashi, it's going to be gone soon!

Here are pics - before and during. Right now they are putting in the forms. This is a bit pricey, since the cement has to be hauled in with wheelbarrows, down the hill by the side of the house, not a simple feat!  They are taking the dirt that has to be moved to a place in the yard that was a flower bed.  I've been mowing it but it needs a layer of dirt, and then I will put on grass seed.  They also hauled a bunch of stone and patio blocks from under the deck down to the river's edge, where I am putting in a little path.

I'll add the "after" pics once the concrete is poured, but this is it for today.  They may not pour until tomorrow morning, and I have to get back outside now.  I want to make sure that the dirt goes to the proper place in the yard.

Before - see that bare dirt!


Putting in forms

Putting in forms

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