Sunday, May 29, 2016

Cruising down the river on a Sunday afternoon . . .

I learned to play that song by ear on the piano when I was only eight years old.  I loved it, in part because I always loved the water whether it was the mighty Illinois river 10 miles from our farm, or the lakes in Wisconsin where we rented housekeeping cottages for our annual vacations. Listen to it here. Somewhere in the piles of old sheet music around here I might find this very piece.  I'm pretty sure I had it once, since the cover looks very familiar to me.

Today, Catherine, Elena and I cruised down the river - well, actually UP the river, to the dam at Capital.  We spent a couple of hours paddling around in our kayaks, saw osprey, Canada geese, a couple of Mallards, and a pair of swans.  When a boater disturbed the swans, they took off and flew almost directly over my head! They are magnificent and very, VERY large! Oh, and we saw a blue heron, well, two actually, but they were not together. We parked along the shore near the osprey nest that city workers built a platform for when they were doing some work that disturbed their old nest (yes, they built a nest on the platform!). We hoped to see the adults feeding the young, but while we saw the mother perched on the edge of the nest, we didn't see more than that.

Finally we let the current take us back to my beach.  Then we had ribs from the grill and decided we are going to do this again very soon.

Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend, and if you get the chance, cruise down the river!

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