Friday, January 18, 2013

Baking brownies

I love to bake.  Even though I cannot eat much baked stuff, I enjoy baking for my booths at the Farmers Market and Purple Porch.

This morning I am making my famous organic brownies.  This brownie recipe is from a cookbook I received as a wedding gift in 1960.  I have never found a better brownie recipe.   Today I'm making a batch with black walnuts from Carol Lemler's stand, across the aisle from me at the Farmers Market.  Their flavor is intense and permeates every bite of the brownie.  Ask me how I, a low carber, know; well, I had to taste test the first batch, didn't I?

I also do a brownie with organic candied orange peel.  I buy the candied orange peel from Babs Fair of the Fair Bakery at Purple Porch.  She makes an organic version just for me.  Thanks, Babs!

Well, back to the kitchen.  It is smelling mighty good out there.

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