Saturday, January 19, 2013

It's always something.

I have one well and one well pump here.  It gets quite a workout, since I use a lot of water here in the house, plus we are watering cows and calves and pigs and chickens.  In addition, we use a lot of water to clean up the milking equipment.

I worry about the well pump.  The pressure tank is in a closet in the bedroom directly below my bedroom, and I hear it every time it runs.  Over the past year, I have suspicioned that it is running out of oomph.

Tonight when I washed my hands after taking care of the chickens, there was very little pressure.  An hour later, I wanted a glass of water to take my nighttime vitamins.  No water at all, not even a drop.  I checked the breaker and it was fine.  I flipped it off and on a couple of times, always the hopeless optimist.  No dice.  No water.  No motor.

Steve said the cows and pigs have plenty of water, and I took care of the chickens tonight, so I know they have plenty.  Steve will be here around 6:00 am.  Thank goodness for his help.  I would have absolutely no idea how to go about this.  I would have had to hire someone, at premium rates.  I don't believe anything has EVER failed around here during normal business hours. 

Fortunately, I keep a couple of gallon jugs of distilled water here for the soap room and for making coffee, and I keep a Britta pitcher of water by the dogs' water bowl, so we are all set for the night.  I'm going to bed. 

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