Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dogs are cold, too!

What a day!  The chickens are on strike, only got six eggs today, so someone isn't going to get their dozen eggs at Purple Porch tomorrow night.

The dogs go outside just long enough to do their duty, and they are begging to get back in. 

I watched Food Network for awhile this afternoon, under the lovely blanket that Marie gave me for Yule.  Ayn Chee hopped up on to snuggle with me.  When I got up from my little rest, she stayed under the blanket.

Hey, Marie, Ayn Chee loves your blanket too!
 When I went to the bedroom to check the stove - I have been throwing a lot of logs on the fires today - there was Tashi, on her back, stretched out on the bed enjoying the fire.

You are not very ladylike, Tashi!

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