Thursday, January 17, 2013

My new friend

I have a parakeet.  I named him Bob, since parakeets do well saying the letters "P" and "B" - which explains why about 50% of all parakeets are named Pretty Boy!

He showed a lot of personality in a cage full of parakeets, so I brought him home.  He showed absolutely no personality when I got him here.  He just sat and pouted.  He didn't make a sound, and he didn't eat.  Every time I walked in the room, I feared I would find him dead on the floor of the cage. 

One afternoon, I reached in the cage, foolishly thinking that he might respond to some human touch.  He bit me, escaped from the cage, and lost several tale feathers in the ensuing chase!  Finally on Day 4, he started to chirp, and he spent most of the day with his head in the food dish, making up for three days of self-induced starvation.  What a pill!

He goes long hours even now without making a sound, and then I worry about him.  My last parakeet pretty much continuously let me know he was there.  It's kind of unusual, but maybe he is still adjusting.

One of the reasons I chose Bob was because when I watched him in the pet store, he was making those little throaty sounds that usually lead to some discernible words, but he hasn't done it since coming home.  I am hopeful that with time and patience, he will learn a few words.


  1. Is he lonely? Maybe he needs another bird to hang out with. Good luck with him. :o)

  2. I think he probably is. I got him a mirror today, just put it in the cage a few minutes ago. He hasn't discovered it yet.

  3. Bob has found the mirror. He is happy with his new friend. :)