Sunday, January 27, 2013

Visitors today

Kirsten and her son Caelen are coming out for a visit this afternoon.  Caelen is a little tyke, I think about two years old, and he loves it out here on the farm.  So does his mom.  She says she wishes she could buy the farm.  I can see it in her eyes, in her attitude when she is out here.  She asks good questions.  She would love it here. 

Caelen wants to meet the pigs.  They were holed up in their house this morning, under the heat lamp.  If they are still too wussy to come outside, then we will just have to go inside to meet them. I am looking forward to seeing Caelen's reactions to the pigs.  They are getting big, but are still pretty cute.

Steve and I have many orders for our cut-and-come-again lettuce bowls, so after the pig meeting, we will go to the greenhouse and work on the lettuce bowls. 

I'll update this with some pictures later today.

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