Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Yesterday, I stayed on track.  Did paperwork, have everything set up for my income tax, just a matter of plugging in numbers as the 1099s and benefit reports arrive.

I got the last of the building materials for the pig pen.  They will be here on January 4.  I've been making a lot of cheese, and I have gallons and gallons of whey waiting for them.

I made the Boeuf Borguignon a la Julia Child last night.  It was unbelievably good.  Not hard to make, but very time consuming.  It took a good three hours out of my work time.  I won't be making it often, but what a treat it was!!

These pictures are not my best, but it was after 9 pm before it was ready, and I was more interested in sitting down to eat than in making a beautiful picture.  And of course, it would have looked better with a nice big chunk of French bread sitting on the edge of the plate, but I don't eat bread, don't keep it in the house because I would be tempted.

Notice the bone in the pot.  I cut my stew meat from a large chuck roast (a gift from Romeo), and knowing that bones mean flavor, I threw the two bones from the roast into the pot.  My dogs each got a bone for their New Year's Eve meal.  We were all happy - and very well fed indeed.

In the pot

Ready  to eat -yum!

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