Thursday, January 24, 2013


Another cold day, but nothing like Tuesday and Wednesday.  It's nearly 10º.  Wow, a heat wave.

I'm baking a ham.  One of the shareholders wanted some meat, so I went rooting through my freezer for meat for her and found a lovely, huge ham.  It will make many meals for me, including sliced ham with my breakfast eggs.  And speaking of eggs, the chickens are pretty much on strike.  I couldn't make all of my egg deliveries to Purple Porch last night.  They are not laying in this cold weather.  I usually get between 18 and 24 eggs a day.  Got nine on Tuesday and four yesterday.  Slackers!  They had better get back to work.  I cleaned out the fridge and gave them a nice big bowl of stuff, including some cottage cheese that was over the hill.  I am expecting more eggs today and tomorrow.

The cat and the bird - Holly Berry is a little bit obsessed with Bob.  Here is a cute pic of her sitting there longing for some poultry.  Not gonna happen!  Bob doesn't seem the least bit frazzled by her continuous attention.

You are both so cute!

Bob loves his friend in the mirror.

I looked out my window to the grove of trees by the garage and thought, how pretty, with the morning sun shining on the snow.  Thought I would share this with you.

Morning sun on snow

I see it is time to fill the bird feeders again.  The birds all get hungry when the snow comes.  I'm off to fill them now, then market. Just another typical day on the farm.

Stay warm.

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