Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Busy day - Purple Porch tonight

Today I am getting ready for Purple Porch, an on line CSA for which I am a producer.  Our customers can go on line and shop, can sort on a producer's name or a type of food, then place their orders.  We receive their orders via the internet and then bring them to our distribution point on Wednesday evenings.

We are expanding and have bought a building.  Once the building is up and running, our hours will increase, and there will be a lunch room, utilizing products from us producers.  I am pretty excited about it.

In the meantime, I just have to worry about getting orders together for our Wednesday evening distribution.  This week, I had orders for organic brownies, fresh organic herbs, skin lotion, organic soy-free eggs, French bread and fermented, dried organic almonds.  If you know anything about the Weston A Price Foundation, then you know that the Foundation encourages eating foods that will improve your health.  Almonds have certain components that make them hard to digest, and in fact prevent us from absorbing vitamins, minerals and enzymes from other foods as well.  However, by soaking the almonds in salt water for a few hours and then drying them at very low heat (115º) for a day and a half or so, the almonds go from sort of healthy to a super food.

I started offering small bags of them, the sort of thing that moms could throw in their kids' lunchboxes, for just a dollar.  If I get an order for 10 of something, that is a BIG order!  This week I got orders for 21 bags of these little goodies.  Okay, they are only $1 each, but I am glad that aware parents are putting bags of these fermented and dried almonds in their kids' hands instead of potato chips or cheese curls.

To your health - and eating right is a good way to get there.

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